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Welcome to SARPi3

This website supports Slackware ARM Linux on a Raspberry Pi 3 and is intended as a reference and tutorial.

It's taken for granted that those using this website are not complete novices to Linux, or the Raspberry Pi 3. Although, you may find it easy to follow even if you've not spent that much time in a Linux shell. Whether you're a beginner or an expert in Linux, it's certainly worth giving Slackware ARM a try on the RPi3. In comparison to the Raspberry Pi model B+, and the Raspberry Pi 2 model B, Slackware ARM is much faster, but still exceedingly stable, 100% reliable, and as flawless as ever!

SARPi3 offers a step-by-step end-to-end 'HOW TO' Install Slackware ARM on a Raspberry Pi 3 guide and a purpose-built Slackware ARM installer image. To commence the SARPi3 guide click on [Install Slackware] on the left menu. For less detailed instructions see the SARPi3.README from the installer image.

The Slackware ARM installer image (.xz) archive, and individual boot firmware/kernel (.txz) packages, for the Raspberry Pi 3, are available from the Downloads page.

Use any of the menu links on the left to navigate around the website and/or any text links on the page(s).

FatDog says ... SARPi3 is a progression and continuation of the SARPi and SARPi2 projects.

Raspberry Pi 1 users click here for the SARPi guide!

Raspberry Pi 2 users click here for the SARPi2 guide!

The SARPi3 project is a community effort by and is not officially endorsed by Slackware Linux Inc. or the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

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Slackware Linux Wallpaper

Download a FREE Slackware Linux wallpaper for your desktop. It's called Slacksplash and was created using a free wallpaper, and a 3-D Slackware logo, both downloaded from Google. It's simple and effective yet quite eyecatching, and of course totally cool!


Slacksplash wallpaper is available in the following resolutions:

FatDog says ... Thanks go (mainly) to the whole of the Slackware team; especially MoZes for his ceaseless efforts towards Slackware ARM, and also to Mr Jackson for all the helpful advice and testing. Kudos to Dave Spencer @ Dave's Collective. Without guys like you the entire SARPi3 project would not be what it is today!

Updated: 13 May 2016 23:31:53