Slackware ARM on a Raspberry Pi

SARPi Project links and resources

The SARPi64 Project is the Slackware ARM64 AArch64 experimental and prototypes development project.

If and when you post, or publish, any link(s) to the SARPi Project website, or you'd like to make any direct link(s) from your own website, then please use the following URL(s); or

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Slackware® links and resources

Slackware ARM Linux Project is the official website and offers everything you need to know about the O/S. is the official Slackware website for news, updates, downloads, torrents, you name it!

The Slackware Documentation Project is a *MUST READ* for anyone using Slackware [ARM] Linux.

Slackbook is the revised Slackware book project website. Highly recommended reading.

Slackware ARM at LQ is a forum-based community of Slackers concentrating on Slackware ARM Linux. project has the largest collection of SlackBuild scripts available. is a huge forum-based community where Linux users come to offer/seek help and advice, which includes a multitude of Slackers who love nothing but Slackware Linux. <3

Dave's Collective is a Mecca for Slackware ARM on the Raspberry Pi.

Slackware Links at Linux is a huge resource for suggestions and links for Slackers!

Slackware ARM 14.2 Change Log RSS feed.

Slackware ARM -current Change Log RSS feed.

Linux® links and resources

The Linux Foundation partners with the world's leading developers and companies to solve the hardest technology problems and accelerate open technology development and commercial adoption.

The Linux Kernel Archives distributes the Linux kernel and other Open Source software to the public.

The Linux Kernel Archives Wiki is a wonderful resource covering many aspects and areas of Linux, and more!

Raspberry Pi™ links and resources

Raspberry Pi Wiki | Hub is the Raspberry Pi Wiki / RPi Hub website at

Raspberry Pi GitHub Repository is the official repository which contains pre-compiled binaries of the current Raspberry Pi kernel and modules, userspace libraries, and bootloader/GPU firmware.

Raspberry Pi Foundation is the official Raspberry Pi Foundation website.

rpi-update is an easier way to upgrade your Raspberry Pi boot-firmware, kernel, and kernel modules (by Hexxeh).

Other resources

7zip is an Open Source file archiving tool which compresses and decompresses file archives in a variety of formats.

SD Imager is a program designed to write raw disk images to a removable devices or backup removable devices to a raw image files.

SD Formatter 4.0 for SD/SDHC/SDXC is a program for formatting SD cards for Windows & Mac OS users.

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