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How it all began...

Circa November 2011 - Two guys, Aal and Exaga, discussed a techie-news story about an ARM-based single-board computer, known as the "Raspberry Pi", and if the device was suitable for running Slackware ARM. The "Raspberry Pi" device was released to the public on 29 February 2012. By the end of the following month [April] it had taken the world by storm; fast becoming a phenomenon - but strangely seemed to lack any Slackware [ARM] support. This prompted more investigation. Two Raspberry Pi Model B devices were ordered from Farnell/element14. By the end of May 2012 there was now an apparent, and almost complete, lack of interest on the Internet for the Raspberry Pi running Slackware ARM. Something needed to be done about this because the Raspberry Pi was primarily designed as a Linux-based educational tool and the most suitable operating system on which to learn is Slackware [ARM] Linux! They waited patiently over May/June/July/August/September 2012 for the Raspberry Pis to be delivered. Estimated delays in delivery increased from 4 weeks up to +6 months! Such was the demand for the "Raspberry Pi" device.

Finally! In the first week of October 2012 the Raspberry Pis were finally delivered; the [newly updated] 512MB RAM versions. Work began on porting Slackware ARM onto the device. Consequently, the SARPi Project went live on Saturday 26 October 2012 and has been active for approx. 8 years to date.

Some SARPi facts, not FAQs! ;-)

What SARPi is ...

• SARPi is an acronym of "Slackware ARM on a Raspberry Pi". It's the name of this project; the website, the software, the guides and tutorial(s), the whole shebang!

• The SARPi Project's main purpose is to create and distribute installer images and packages in order to assist with, and facilitate, the installation of Slackware ARM on the Raspberry Pi device(s).

• The SARPi Project provides a step-by-step, end-to-end, tutorial to assist with, and facilitate, the installation of Slackware ARM on the Raspberry Pi using the SARPi images and packages, which are freely available from the Downloads page.

• The SARPi Project provides Slackware ARM packages to upgrade the kernel, kernel modules, and Raspberry Pi boot-firmware, which are freely available from the Downloads page.

• The SARPi Project offers mini-projects which you may find interesting after Slackware ARM has been installed.

• The SARPi Project is a strong advocate of Slackware, especially the ARM port, and a keen proponent of an AArch64/ARM64 port.

• The SARPi Project is a community effort by individuals.

What SARPi isn't ...

• SARPi is not a modification, clone, hack, or port of Slackware ARM. SARPi is just the method by which Slackware ARM is installed on the Raspberry Pi(s), without any modification(s) to the original source.

• SARPi is not an operating system. You do not install 'SARPi'. You do not run 'SARPi'. You install and run Slackware ARM!

• The SARPi Project is not technical support for general Slackware ARM assistance. This includes any rpi-update issue(s). Once Slackware ARM has been installed on the Raspberry Pi, that signals the end of any SARPi involvement. If you require some help with any Slackware ARM issue(s) after it's been installed then please use the Slackware ARM LQ forum.

• The SARPi Project does not offer support on, "How to avoid Slackware issues by following instructions correctly."

• The SARPi Project does not support the Raspberry Pi Zero [W].

• The SARPi Project is not affiliated with, or officially endorsed by, Slackware Linux, Inc, or the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

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